Budding Entrepreneur

I enjoy creating new, beautiful articles of clothing. I have the knowledge to take a picture of a piece of clothing and recreate it pretty darn close. I am no designer. I am a pattern maker and seamstress.

In this blog, I get to "show off" some of my lovely creations. I do take requests. In fact, I prefer original pieces. They are intriguing, exciting, and unique.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The "Adalyn" Blessing Dress

--As soon as I get pictures of the sweet baby in this dress, I'll post pictures. They will look so much better than these. . .

The "Adalyn" has a pearl & embroidered Organza overlay with Bridal Satin. The overlay really makes this dress breathtakingly beautiful with it's sequins and pearls. The underskirt is hemmed with gathered Tulle. This dress has a delicate ruffle at the sleeve hem and is trimed with daintypearls at the neckedge to give it "just that right touch." The satin ribbon accents at the waistline.

"Adalyn" has a full ribbon bow in the back, and a zipper closure. The dress is just a touch longer than full traditional length, sitting at 29" instead of the traditional 26" from neck to hem.

Hem detail up close.

Any comments or suggetions are welcome.